Pakistani Consulate General in Mazar-e-Sharif

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Head of Mission:
Sarfraz Ahmad Khan, Consul


The Pakistan embassy represents the interest of Pakistan in Afghanistan, and the Afghanistan embassy represent the interest of Afghanistan in Pakistan. Throughout the world, Pakistan has 154 embassies while Afghanistan has 60 embassies.

Visiting the embassy
The embassy is open for operation from 9am to 2pm and always book an appointment before visiting through email or phone call during the official opening hours because visiting is strictly on appointment basis. Take note that appointment of Pakistan in Afghanistan may be prioritized. The embassy observes public holidays declared by either Pakistan or Afghanistan government.

Services Provided
The embassy provides a number of services to Pakistan, local citizens and international citizens in Afghanistan. Process passport and visa applications, provide power of attorney, help Pakistan in marriage matters concerning Afghanistan or vice versa, manage diplomatic relationships, notary services, monitor economic and social activities and negotiate deals affecting Afghanistan relation. Check pakistan visa online for the appropriate visa required for your next visit to Pakistan.

Travel Insurance
Travelers may be faced with an unforeseen situation such as loss of baggage, delayed flights, medical expenses, illness, accident, or emergency evacuation. It is important to travel out of your resident country with peace of mind by protecting your health and trip with a travel insurance that has global coverage. Check one here.

Coronavirus Update
The Pakistani Consulate General in Mazar-e-Sharif could have adjusted its opening hours and extent of operations due to COVID-19. Always contact the embassy through their email or phone contact before visiting.

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